Messenger Bots for Businesses

The reason WHY EVERY BUSINESSES should have a Messenger Bot, under 2 minutes.
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Discover the power of Messenger for your business

2B messages are sent on Messenger between people and businesses each month. Reach your customers by integrating Messenger as a conversation destination into your marketing strategy.

80% of adults and 91% of teens use messaging apps every day

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message

56% of people would rather message than call customer service

63% of people are messaging more than they did two years ago

Taking a step
Software Programs

In the early days, if you wanted to do certain tasks, you needed to install specific software on your computer. It was all software based.


Websites became the go to places if you wanted certain info or services. We had (and still have) websites for everything and anything.

Mobile Applications

Then the world went mobile, and with the ‘mobile revolution’, everything shifted towards mobile apps.

Messenger Bots

With Facebook’s release of the Messenger Bot, the game of communication will once again change drastically today.

What industry leaders are doing about it

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    Apple has presented to the world its new functionality for Messages: Business Chat. Introduced at the World Wide Developer Conference in 2017, Business Chat is meant to help you build persistent, long-lasting relationships with your customers.
    WWDC 2017 - Session 240
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    In 2017, Google brought a whole new service to their professional Cloud computing line: Dialogflow. Dialogflow brings natual language processing (NLP) to a wide range of developers, simplifying the process of creating chatbots for businesses.
    Dialogflow - 2017
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    The Messenger team at Facebook were the first to release bots in a messaging platform of this scale. The "Messenger Experience", as Facebook now calls it, allows businesses to provide scalable & personal customer service, right where 1.5 billion people are: Messenger
    F8 2016

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